Symbolize the special moment with the confirmand’s first diamond. The diamond jewellery will follow the confirmand through the rest of their life, keeping the memory of their special day close.

The small pendants, ear studs, and rings in 10-karat solid gold set with 0,03-carat diamonds, are among our most popular gifts for confirmands.


Letter pendants are the gift that passes the test of time. The timeless designs are constructed
after Creative Director, Shiri Rosenzweig’s handwriting. Select the letter that represents the confirmand or someone they hold dear.

Every letter is made in 10-karat solid gold and is set with a total of 0,015-carat brilliant-cut Champagne diamonds.


Genuine precious stones make jewellery extraordinary. Find a very special gift for the confirmand among the many exclusive pieces of jewellery under € 80 – all set with genuine precious stones and pearls.

The jewellery is made in 925 sterling silver and plated with 18-karat gold.


Mark the day with a heart that symbolizes your special connection to the confirmand. Heart jewellery has been carried through several hundred years and has always been a strong symbol. The pendants are made in 10-karat solid gold and set with precious stone hearts – all with a small diamond at the top.