Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and is the birthstone of February. This wonderful gemstone is found in ranges of deep purple, lavender and mauve. Because of its beauty, amethyst has been a highly loved and valued gemstone through time. Read on to learn more about the amethyst!

Amethyst is the birthstone of February. Amethyst jewellery is a lovely gift for someone born in February or can be worn to represent someone born this month. Wearing your birthstone is said to bring good luck.

Wedding anniversary
A selection of gemstones are tied to wedding anniversaries. The aquamarine is traditionally gifted on the 6th wedding anniversary.

The qualities of amethyst are said to include courage, vivid dreams, peace of mind, love and protection. Wear the gemstone when you need courage and spiritual upliftment.

The richest colours of amethyst have been treasured through time. The use of amethyst can be traced back to the Minoan period in Greece 2500 B.C. Amethyst was known to be a gemstone of protection and soldiers would wear it in battle. It was also believed to have healing powers and was said to cure drunkenness.