The gorgeous chrome diopside has a distinct green colour. A facet cut chrome diopside reflects light so beautifully that the gemstone appears almost glowing. Read on to learn more about the stunning chrome diopside!



The qualities of the chrome diopside are said to include intellect, learning, empowerment and commitment. Wear the chrome diopside to strengthen your intellectual and analytical abilities. The gemstone is considered to support starting and committing to projects.



In some ancient societies, the chrome diopside was believed to have dropped from the tree of life. The gemstone was placed in tombs to ensure a renewal of life for the dead.




Chrome diopside can, amongst other countries be found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Finland, Austria, Italy, Tanzania, India and Myanmar. Chrome diopside is composed of calcium, magnesium and silicate. It is a transparent gemstone, ranging in colours of dark green and vivid green. The intensity of its colour is determined by the element chromium during its formation. Chrome diopside ranks on 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale.