"I love gemstones and through 30 years my passion for gemstone jewellery have been the driving force behind Carré Jewellery. Singly, or better, in combination, gemstones create colourful magic by enhancing each other’s nuances. This is what I love most about jewellery making. I hereby invite you to join me on a journey into a world of gemstones."

- Shiri Rosenzweig

Gems are the wonders of nature. They are created from the intense pressure underneath the Earth's crust, attained by mining or found in river beds. Chemistry and temperature are the determining factors in gemstone colours, explaining why a single kind of gemstone can span a range of different colours. They all have unique characteristics. Composition, colour, transparency, inner structure and optical effects distinguish them from each other. Gemstones are most often cut into beautiful faceted cuts or cabochons, depending on what is most suited for the gemstone. Since 1991 we have worked with more than 900 different gemstones. Our mission is to share the joy of possessing and wearing precious jewellery with gemstones in all shapes and colours.