A facet-cut smokey quartz and a raw smokey quartz gemstone on a beige background


a facet-cut smokey quartz gemstone

Peace & stabilty

Smokey Quartz is a characteristic gemstone in the Quartz family. Its smokey, dark colour varies in nuances of brown and grey-brown hues. A facet-cut smokey quartz shows its depth and lets light scatter in the dark gemstone, while a cabochon cut elegantly will soften the look of the quartz.

A gold plated ring with three gemstones from carré. The big gemstone in the middle is a golden rutile quartz, and the two on the sides are smokey quartz


Smokey Quartz symbolises calmness, relief, cleansing, and stability. Smokey Quartz is said to be a gemstone that cleanses the mind, which will create more stability and help rid you of fear. It’s also said that this gemstone will light up the dark and send out positive energy for its surroundings. 

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Woman with gold plated boheme style jewellery from carré. The long earrings are hoops with a smokey quartz charm and an earring with smokey quartz and golden rutile quartz


Smokey Quartz is also known as a peace and grounding
stone, which is great at keeping its wearer close to the now and reality, without falling down a black hole of worry and anxiety. The gemstone is also said to have the power to remove unwanted and stagnant energies as well as detoxing the stressful layers of the wearer’s life.

Smokey Quartz gets its grounding capabilities since
it’s thought to have connections to the Root chakra, which is the first chakra in our system and is our connection to the ground and earth. This chakra is connected to grounding, stability, and a sense of security.

Small gold plated creole style hoops with dark stones from carré. The dark stones are brown smokey quartz stones


Smokey Quartz is a medium hard gemstone and is easy to
keep beautiful for many years to come. Avoid exposing your Smokey Quartz jewellery to high heat, as this may cause the colour to fade and possibly cracks in the stone.

To clean your Smokey Quartz jewellery, you can use warm water, a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth to clean around the stone.

Woman with silver boheme jewellery from carré. The bracelet is set with many gemstones, and plain silver bracelets


During 12th century China, Smokey Quartz was used to create lenses for sunglasses which were carried by judges to hide their facial expressions. In China, beautiful bottles made with smokey quartz were also used to store snus. Smokey quartz is also Scotland’s national gemstone, and as a part of the Scottish Crown Jewels, there’s a sceptre set with a large ball of smokey quartz.

Long gold plated earrings from carré with brown and grey stones. The brown stones are smokey quartz, and the long grey drops at the bottom are called labradorite


An old indian legend tells the story of a cup, which was made of smokey quartz. The cup was said to have the ability to cure any disease, just by a person drinking out of the cup.

Woman with gold plated rings from carré. The rings are plain band rings with fishbone patterns and a large ring with three brown stones


Smokey quartz is the grey-brown variant of the quartz family. Clear quartz consist of silicate and oxygen, while smokey quartz obtains its brown-grey colour when impurities from iron become activated by natural radiation. Just like the rest of the quartz family, this gemstone is categorised as a 7 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale, which is a scale from 1-10 - 10 being the hardest - used to measure gemstone hardness. Smokey quartz is extracted in Brazil, Mozambique, Australia, USA, Scotland, and Switzerland.

a cabochon-cut labradorite and a raw labradorite gemstone on an invisble background


Change & determination

a cabochon-cut malachite and a raw malachite gemstone on an invisble background


Transformation & wisdom

A cabochon-cut golden rutile quartz gemstone and a raw golden rutile quartz gemstone on a beige background


Development & independence

a cabochon-cut black agate and a raw black agate gemstone on an invisble background


Grounding & protection