Peru Amazonite
What is Peru Amazonite?
The name, Peru Amazonite describes a breathtaking turquoise nuance, deeper than the regular amazonite, and is not related to the gemstone’s actual place of origin - but the Amazon river’s blue colour. Peru Amazonite’s surface is characterised by a white glow, which is reflected from its milky inner. Read along to learn more about Peru Amazonite.


The spiritual qualities of Amazonite include: Truth, bravery, clarity, and communication. Amazonite is often described as the gemstone of hope since it's said to have a calming quality that relieves worries. Some say that this gemstone will fill its carrier with both courage and faith. Since Amazonite is also connected to truth and sincerity, it’s an ideal gemstone to further clear communication.

The history of Amazonite
In ancient Egypt, amazonite was used as decorations and for jewellery. Amazonite was even one of the gemstones found in Farao Tutankhamon's grave, set as a decoration in his beautiful solid gold burial mask.


Amazonit is a part of the feldspar mineral group and consists of calcium, aluminium, silicone, and oxygen. This opaque gemstone has a beautiful, light blue-green colour with milky-white inclusions running through it. Amazonite is categorised as a 6-6.5 according to Mohs' Hardness Scale and is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Nambia, and the USA.