a cabochon-cut amazonite and a raw amazonite gemstone on a beige background


a cabochon cut peru amazonite gemstone

Courage & truth

Amazonite is a gemstone with milky inclusions and comes in many variations, such as the Peru Amaznite, which is characterised by a deeper turquoise colour than the common Amazonite. Its name is not related to its place of origin but refers to the bright colour.

solid gold necklace with pendants from carré. The pendats are amazonite drops and a diamond pendant


Amazonite symbolises truth, bravery, clarity, and communication. Amazonite is often described as the gemstone of hope since it's said to have a calming quality that relieves worries. Some say that this gemstone will fill its carrier with both courage and faith. Since Amazonite is also connected to truth and sincerity, it’s an ideal gemstone to further clear communication.

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woman with gold jewellery hoops with charms from carré. The charms have amazonite, labradorite and beryl gemstones


The Amazonite is often referred to as the gemstone for
courage and truth, as it allegedly gives its wearer the courage to look deeper into themselves and explore their truths and integrity. The Amazonite is also connected to money, success, and luck, and is said to have a calming effect on the nervous system.

The Amazonite is connected to the heart chakra and the
throat chakra. The throat chakra is the centre for clear communication and expression – here, the Amazonite can help its wearer with speaking the truth as well as clear communication. The gemstone’s connection to the heart chakra gives great energies for self-love and integrity.

Woman wearing small gold plated earrings from carré. The blue earring have a blue topaz and an amazonite gemstone


The Amazonite is a relatively soft gemstone and can be
kept looking beautiful for many years to come with the right care. Generally, its recommended to keep your Amazonite gemstone dry and away from water, as
this may break the gemstone – therefore, take off your Amazonite jewellery before swimming, showering, and other activities where the jewellery may get wet.

To clean your Amazonite jewellery use warm water, mild
soap, and a soft brush or cloth to cleanse around the stone. Rinse with clean water and dry off the gemstone with a dry, soft cloth.

woman with a gold plated flower shaped earring from carré. The blue flower earring is set with amazonite gemstones and a prasiolite


In ancient Egypt, amazonite was used as decorations and for jewellery. Amazonite was even one of the gemstones found in Farao Tutankhamon's grave, set as a decoration in his beautiful solid gold burial mask.

solid gold gemstone pendants from Carré. The pendants are in amazonite, labradorite, lemon quartz, sun stone and moonstone gemstones


Amazonite is a part of the feldspar mineral group and consists of calcium, aluminium, silicone, and oxygen. This opaque gemstone has a beautiful, light blue-green colour with milky-white inclusions running through it. Amazonite is categorised as a 6-6.5 according to Mohs' Hardness Scale and is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Nambia, and the USA.

a cabochon-cut turqouise and a raw turqouise gemstone on a beige background


Friendship & positivity

a facet-cut blue topaz and a raw blue topaz gemstone on a beige background


Communication & love

a facet-cut tanzanite and a raw tanzanite gemstone on a beige background


Intuition & manifestation

a facet-cut aquamarine and a raw aquamarine gemstone on an invisble background


Intellect & intuition