Birthstones are an assortment of beautiful gemstones, each representing a calendar month. The custom of wearing your birthstone likely originated in Poland or Germany in the 16th century. The list of birthstones has changed over the years and varies in different cultures. In 1952, the Jewelry Industry Council sponsored the birthstone list, which you will find below. Wearing jewellery with your birthstone is said to bring good luck, making it a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one. Find your birthstone and continue to explore its qualities.



Gemstones are the wonders of nature. They are created from the intense pressure underneath the Earth's crust, attained by mining or found in river beds. Chemistry and temperature are the determining factors in gemstone colours, explaining why a single kind of gemstone can span a range of different colours. They all have unique characteristics. Composition, colour, transparency, inner structure and optical effects distinguish them from each other.