Facet-cut green agate gemstone and a raw green agate gemstone on a beige background


facet-cut green agate gemstone

Harmony & protection

The Agate got its name after the river Achates in Sicily, which is now known as the Dirillo River. Agate can be found in an array of colours and often has stunning ribbons running through the stone.

a gold plated ring with a green stone from carré. The stone is a green agate


Green Agate is May's birthstone together with Emerald, and are also the birthstones for the zodiacs Taurus & Gemini. Each month has its own unique gemstone to represent it. Carrying your birthstone is said to bring good luck. You can carry your birthstone as a good luck amulet, or your loved ones’ birthstone as a symbol of love.

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woman with large gold plated earrings with colourful gemstones from Carré. The gemstones are turqouise, labradorite and green agate


Agate is a gemstone for harmony, health, protection, and concentration. Green agate is said to promote good health and create balance in the body and mind. The agate is also said to be a stabilising gemstone, that can help you keep your cool in stressful situations.

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gold plated rings with green stones from carré. The green stones are called green agate


Green Agate’s spiritual qualities are said to help you find a more balanced way of living and flexibility in your mental and physical health. The gemstone is also said to increase the connection between mind, body, and soul to harmonize and create balance in your everyday life.

woman with silver rings with green stones from carré. The green stones are called green agate


To best take care of your jewellery with Green Agate, keep the stone away from direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, since this may cause the colour to fade. Also avoid heat around Agates, as this also may fade the colour or cause cracks in the stone.

Clean your Green Agate jewellery in warm water with a
mild soap, and brush with a soft brush.

Long gold plated earrings with green stones from carré. The green stones are called green agate


During the Renaissance in Europe, it became, especially among royalty, popular to collect exquisite bowls made from pieces of agate. In the small German town, of Idar Oberstein, agate was extracted until the 1800-hundreds and the town is still well-known for creating exceptionally beautiful cuts of the gemstone.

In ancient China, agate was said to be an especially lucky gemstone. In Chinese, the agate is called “Ma Nao”, which means “horse brain”, since it was believed that the agate stemmed from the brain of a fossilised horse.

A woman wearing a sterling silver hoop with a fishbone pattern, and a charm with green agate gemstones.


Agate is made up of varying layers of chalcedony, which appear as ribbons of different colours. Chalcedony is made up of microscopic quartz crystals, which makes the agate a part of the quartz family. Thin slices of Agate can make some layers appear translucent, but generally, other cuts would make gemstones appear almost translucent. Moh's Hardness Scale is used when a gemstone’s hardness is measured. The scale varies from 1-10, where 10 is the hardest – here you would find the Diamond, which is the hardest gemstone. Agate is a 7 on Moh’s Hardness Scale.

a facet-cut aquamarine and a raw aquamarine gemstone on an invisble background


Intellect, clarity & intuition

a brilliant-cut diamond and a raw diamond gemstone on an invisible background


Invincibility, strength & love

a round freshwater pearl and an oyster shell on an invisible background


Integrity, purity & honesty

a facet-cut peridot and a raw peridot gemstone on an invisble background


New beginnings & intuition