a brilliant-cut diamond and a raw diamond gemstone on a beige background


a brilliant-cut diamond gemstone

Strength & invincibility

Diamonds have their name from the Greek word “Adamas”-, meaning the invincible. No material made from nature is as hard as the diamond, which means it has an amazing ability to reflect light. The most important thing to know about the diamond is the 4 Cs, which determine a diamond’s quality – Colour, Carat, Cut and Clarity. Read along if you want to know more about diamonds!

solid gold jewellery with diamonds from carré. A letter pendant with diamonds in the letter K, a diamond pendant for necklaces and a diamond engagement ring


Diamond is April's birthstone, and is also the birthstone for the zodiacs Aries & Taurus. Each month has its own unique gemstone to represent it. Carrying your birthstone is said to bring good luck. You can carry your birthstone as a good luck amulet, or your loved ones’ birthstone as a symbol of love.

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A solid gold necklace with a diamond pendant from carré


The diamond symbolises strength, invincibility and wealth. The diamond is also a classic symbol of love. The combination of strength and love makes it the obvious choice of gemstone for relationships.

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young woman with a solid gold long chain earring with diamond from carré


Diamonds are said to cleanse and balance the mind, body, and soul. Due to its exceptional shine, the Diamond is associated with the power to enlighten the mind and give its wearer mental clarity as well as strengthen emotions and energies. The Diamond absorbs thoughts and emotions and projects them outwards – wear the diamond when you want to spread positivity and joy around you.

woman wearing two heart pendant necklaces. One is set with turqouise and diamond and a solid gold heart pendant with diamond.


The Diamond is the hardest gemstone in the world, and
thus also easy to look after and clean. Clean your diamond with warm water, mild detergent, and a soft brush or cloth. Rise with clean water. Even though the Diamond in itself isn’t easy to break, be careful with the prongs that are used to set the Diamond securely in your jewellery.

woman wearing two diamond engagement rings from carré and a large solid gold ring with champagne quartz


The diamond is the traditional gemstone for engagement rings. The tradition reportedly began in the year 1477, when Duke Maximillian of Austria gifted his lover, Marie of Bourgogne, a diamond ring. However, it wasn’t until after the 2nd World War that the tradition truly became widespread by the British diamond company, De Beers with their slogan “A Diamond is Forever”.

two solid gold diamond engagement rings from carré


In ancient Greece, it was believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods or splinters from fallen stars. It was said that the tips of Cupid’s arrows were set with diamonds and had magical powers. The Greek philosopher, Plato, described diamonds as living beings, containing heavenly spirits. In other cultures, the diamond was used as a stone of truth. By placing the diamond in front of a person, it would sparkle when the truth was told, and cloud up when faced with lies.

woman wearing a solid gold diamond ring from carré


Diamonds consist of carbon and are formed more than 150 kilometres underneath the Earth’s surface as a result of extremely high temperatures and pressure. Hereafter, the diamonds are brought closer to the Earth’s crust through crater tubes. Today, diamonds are mainly extracted and mined in South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Russia, and Canada. When you measure a gemstone’s hardness, Moh’s Hardness Scale is used. The scale goes from 1-10, where 10 is the hardest – here, you will also find the diamond. The hardest gemstone.

a facet-cut aquamarine and a raw aquamarine gemstone on an invisble background


Intellect, clarity & focus

a facet-cut amethyst and a raw amethyst gemstone on a beige background


Spirituality & courage

a facet-cut green agate and a raw green agate gemstone on an invisble background


Harmony, health & protection

a round freshwater pearl and an oyster shell on an invisible background


Integrity, purity & honesty