Shop all earrings from Carré. All our earrings are made in either 925 eco-sterling silver, plated with 18k gold or in 10-karat solid gold, and are set with real gemstones. 

All gemstones carry a special symbolism and are said to have spiritual properties.

Learn more about our gemstones in our Gemstone Encyclopedia.

Woman wearing long gold plated earrings from Carré. The earrings are set with golden rutile quartz gemstones,


Earrings from Carré is made in 925 eco-sterling silver, 18k gold plating or in 10-karat solid gold. All our jewellery is set with real gemstones, that all carry a special spiritual meaning and symbolism.

Learn more about how to clean and keep your Carré jewellery shiny and new in our jewellery care guide.

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