A cabochon-cut turquoise and a raw turquoise gemstone on a beige background


a cabochon cut turquoise gemstone

Friendship & positivity

The Turquoise is a unique gemstone, opaque with shades of sky blue, blue-green and green – gorgeous colours that beautifully match silver and gold jewellery. Turquoise is the birthstone assigned to December. Since this stone has been greatly appreciated throughout time, it is in many ways a significant gemstone.

Woman with solid gold heart necklaces with stones from carré. The necklaces have a heart shaped turquoise gemstone and a diamond


Turquoise is December's birthstone ans is also the birthstone for the zodiacs Capricorn & Sagittarius. Each month has its own unique gemstone to represent it. Carrying your birthstone is said to bring good luck. You can carry your birthstone as a good luck amulet, or your loved ones’ birthstone as a symbol of love.

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Gold plated boho style bracelets with gemstones from carré. The bracelets have turquoise gemstones, smokey quartz, and labradorite gemstones


Turquoise is the gemstone for friendship, love, peace of mind, wisdom, and positivity. Turquoise is said to be a protective gemstone, especially well-suited for sensitive souls. Its protective quality also makes it a great travelling companion.

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Woman with boho style gold plated earrings with turquoise gemstones from carré


The Turquoise is said to have the ability to cleanse negative energy and bring good fortune. The blue stone also promotes inner harmony and peace through spiritual understanding and is also a great stone for self-acceptance and for forgiving yourself and can help you let go of useless regrets about the past.

Turquoise is connected to the throat chakra, which paves the way for honest communication – wear turquoise when you need to speak your mind.

a solid gold heart pendant for necklaces from carré. The pendant has a heart shaped turquoise gemstone and a small diamond


The Turquoise is a gorgeous stone that's easy to keep looking beautiful in your jewellery. Avoid exposing your Turquoise jewellery to high heat, as this can cause discolourations and possibly cracks in the stone's surface.

When you're cleaning your Turquoise jewellery, use warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush or cloth to clean the stone. Avoid ultrasonic cleansers as well as steam on jewellery set with Turquoise, as this can damage or break the stone.

Gold plated creole closure hoops with turquoise gemstones


Turquoise décor can be traced over 4000 years back in time, and the gemstone is found in ancient Egyptian graves. The gorgeous gemstone also has a very special meaning to Native Americans, who made it part of numerous rituals, and rites of passage, and was likewise also worn as a protective talisman.

a woman with large and long gold plated earrings with gemstones from carré. The gemstones are turquoise, green agate and labradorite gemstones


A Native American legend tells of a terrible drought that caused the ancient people to dance and cry tears of joy when the rain finally came. Their tears mixed with the rain and the water seeped into the earth, forming the beautiful turquoise gems.

Woman with vintage jewellery from carré. The ring is set with a round turquoise gemstone


Many gemstones are associated with a special anniversary. Jewellery with turquoise is traditionally given as a gift on the 11th wedding anniversary, which is called an Amber Anniversary.

The Turqouise's symbolism of friendship, positivity, and honest communication adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness and beauty to an 11th anniversary gift.

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