a facet-cut champagne quartz and a raw champagne quartz gemstone on a beige background


a facet-cut champagne quartz gemstone

Manifestation & clarity

Champagne Quartz is a quartz gemstone with the same golden colour as champagne. Its rich, golden colour sets it apart from its darker counterpart, Smokey Quartz.

solid gold stella earrings with a champagne quartz gemstone from Carré


Champagne Quartz symbolises clarity and is said to cleanse your mind to help you focus better on specific ideas. Some say, that Champagne Quartz can dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages, and is a great grounding stone.

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Gold plated bracelet with champagne quartz gemstone from Carré


With its bubbly and festive name, the Champagne Quartz
is often referred to as the gemstone of joy and celebration, bringing luck to its wearer. The golden gemstone is also a powerful stone for cleansing the mind and soul, and when used during meditation, Champagne Quartz is said to create a clear channel to your higher self.

Champagne Quartz is connected to the crown chakra and the sacral chakra and activates and adjusts the lower chakras. This can give you a deeper understanding of yourself.

woman with freckles wearing gold plated jewellery from carré. She is wearing long champagne quartz earrings, a peal earring and gold plated rings with pearls


Champagne Quartz is a medium hard gemstone and is easy to keep beautiful for many years to come. Avoid exposing your Champagne Quartz jewellery to high heat, as this may cause the colour to fade and possibly cracks in the stone.

To clean your Champagne Quartz jewellery, you can use
warm water, a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth to clean around the stone. Champagne Quartz is safe to use in an ultrasonic cleaner or with steam.

woman wearing solid gold jewellery from carré. The ring is a stella ring with champagne quartz


Champagne Quartz’s colour varies in light, golden notes. Its colour is decided by the temperatures and elements affecting the gemstone when it's created underground. Champagne Quartz has amazing clarity, and can often resemble a Cognac Diamond.

When measuring a gemstone’s hardness, Mohs’ Hardness Scale is used. The scale varies from 1-10, with 10 being the hardest - here, you would find the diamond, which is the hardest gemstone. Champagne Quartz - like all other Quartz gemstones - is a 7 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale.

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Romance & well-being

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