A facet-cut rose quartz and a raw rose quartz gemstone on a beige background


a facet-cut rose quartz gemstone

Love & romance

Rose Quartz is the rose-coloured variant in the Quartz family. Rose Quartz can be found in different nuances of soft pink. Surrounded by stories of love and romance, Rose Quartz is a meaningful gemstone, preferred by many. The soft pink gemstone is also an especially versatile gemstone, that looks beautiful in a broad array of sizes and cuts.

long gold plated earrings with pink stones from Carré. The two pink stones are rose quartz and the long drops at the bottom are labradorite


Rosa Quartz symbolises unconditional love, romance, self-love, and well-being. The Rosa Quartz is known as a love gemstone and is said to strengthen love relations - both love for others, as well as yourself. Since Rose Quartz is also said to represent calmness and kindness, it's a great gemstone for those wanting to possess a mild demeanour.

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Woman with gold plated rings with stones from carré. The stones are rose quartz, moonstone and lemon quartz


Rose Quartz is also called a gemstone for universal love. Allegedly, Rose Quartz is said to cleanse and open the heart to promote love, friendship, self-love, and deep inner healing for its wearer.

Rose Quarts is connected to both the heart chakra and the
throat chakra. The connection to the heart chakra is said to give its wearer the possibility to feel deeper levels of love, peace, and acceptance. The connection to the throat chakra gives the wearer the possibility for better, more honest communication, and to say what they truly feel.

Large gold plated earrings from carré. The earrings are set with a large rose quartz gemstone and three long labradorite drops


Rose Quartz is a medium hard gemstone and is easy to
keep beautiful for many years to come. Avoid exposing your Rose Quartz jewellery to high heat, as this may cause the colour to fade and possibly cracks in the stone.

To clean your Rose Quartz jewellery, you can use warm
water, a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth to clean around the stone.

Woman with gold plated creole closure hoops from carré. The hoops have charms with rose quartz gemstones


In Iraq, there have been found pearls made out of Rose Quartz in the area formerly known as Mesopotamia, which dates the use of the gemstone all the way back to 7000 b.c. Rose Quartz was allegedly also used as a gemstone of beauty by women in ancient Egypt, since they found the rose gemstone to prevent signs of ageing. 

Long gold plated earrings from carré with pink stones. The pink stones are rose quartz gemstones


An old Greek legend tells of Adonis, lover of the Goddess Aphrodite, was attacked by the God of War, Ares. When Aphrodite rushed to his aid, she cut herself on a bush. Her dripping blood mixed with that of Adonis and flowed to a colourless quartz, which gave it its rose colour. The God Zeus took pity on the couple, and decided to bring back Adonis to Aphrodite every 6 months each year. Hereafter, Rose Quartz became a symbol of resurrecting love.

Gold plated alliance ring from carré with pink stones. The pink stones are rose quartz


Rose Quartz is the pink variety of the Quartz family, and its colour can vary in a spectrum of rose-hues, from the lightest powdery-pink to deep pink hues. Just like other members of the Quartz family, Rose Quartz is a 7 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale, which is a scale used to measure the hardness of gemstones from 1-10, 10 being the hardest. 

Rose Quartz is mined in Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

a facet-cut amethyst and a raw amethyst gemstone on an invisble background


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A cabochon-cut pink opal and a raw pink opal gemstone on an invisible background


Creativity & freedom

a facet-cut tanzanite and a raw tanzanite gemstone on a beige background


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