a facet-cut white topaz and a raw white topaz gemstone on a beige background


a facet-cut white topaz gemstone

New beginnings & clarity

Topaz is a transparent gemstone with an exquisite luster and depth. Topaz comes in many enchanting colors such as blue, purple, green, yellow, brown and white. Its popular shades of blue have been nicknamed London Blue and Sky Blue.

small gold plated earrings with freshwater pearl and white topaz from carré


The White variant of Topaz symbolizes new beginning,
clarity, and manifestation. Topaz is a good gemstone for all types of relationships since it’s said to improve communication and openness. Topaz is also a gemstone for relaxation and mindfulness, making it a perfect gemstone for meditation or quiet reflection.

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gold plated confetti ring from carré set with a white topaz gemstone


The translucent, shiny White Topaz is also known as
the stone for awareness. White Topaz is said to help you keep your head cool and give clarity as well as helping you keep an orderly life. The gemstone is said to have excellent manifestation powers and has a powerful magnifying energy that’s said to help you manifest your dreams.

With it’s pure expression, the White Topaz is connected to the crown chakra. It’s said that you can get more clarity if you hold the White Topaz up to your forehead.

woman wearing gold plated pearl earrings with white topaz from carré


White Topaz is a hard gemstone, measuring 8 on Mohs’ Hardness Scale. That also makes this stone easy to keep beautiful and shiny. The White Topaz is generally stable in sunlight but avoid storing your white Topaz jewellery in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, as this may cause the stone’s colour to fade or become yellow,
reddish, or brown.

When cleaning your White Topaz jewellery, avoid ultrasonic cleaning and steam, but instead use warm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth or brush to carefully remove dirt and smudges.

woman with long pearl earrings a prasiolite gemstone and a small earring with white topaz and blue topaz.


Topaz is a transparent gemstone, consisting of the elements, aluminium, fluoride, silicate and oxygen. Topaz can be found in a variety of colours, determined by which elements affect the Topaz under its creation. When measuring a gemstone’s hardness. Moh’s Hardness Scale is used. The scale goes from 1-10, where 10 is the hardest – here, you can find the Diamond, which is the hardest gemstone. Topaz is an 8 on Moh’s Hardness Scale. Topaz is most often extracted in Brazil, Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico and Russia.

a facet-cut blue topaz and a raw blue topaz gemstone on a beige background


Communication & love

a brilliant-cut diamond and a raw diamond gemstone on an invisible background


Strength & invincibility

a cabochon-cut labradorite and a raw labradorite gemstone on an invisble background


Change & determination

a cabochon-cut moonstone and a raw moonstonegemstone on an invisble background


Motherhood & hope