a cabochon-cut chrysoprase and a raw chrysoprase gemstone on a beige background


a cabochon cut chrysoprase gemstone

Vitality & independence

Chrysoprase is the clear, green variant of the mineral chalcedony. It's name is a contraction of the Greek words for 'golden' and 'green'. The Chrysoprase's eye-catching colour can appear as sharp and opaque or fine and milky.

solid gold necklace with pendants from carré. The green pendant is with a chrysoprase gemstone, and a letter pendant with diamonds with the letter r


Chrysoprase symbolises energy, vitality, youth, and independence. Wear Chrysoprase jewellery when you need to turn negative thoughts into positive energy. The gemstone is also said to help aid broken hearts.

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gold plated bracelet from carré with green stones. The green stones are chrysoprase gemstones


The Chrysoprase is a gemstone that’s said to stabilize your mood and help you manifest optimism and joy. It’s generally a great gemstone to wear for balancing your emotional health as it encourages tolerance, self-development, personality, and general happiness.

Chrysoprase is connected to and activates, opens, and
brings energy to the heart and sacral chakras to balance your yin-yang energy.

solid gold rings from carré with green stones. The green stones are called chrysoprase


Since the Chrysoprase is a hard gemstone, it’s relatively easy to keep shiny and clean. When cleaning your chrysoprase jewellery use warm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth to polish and clean the stone – rinse with clean water and dry off the stone. It’s not recommended to clean your Chryoprase jewellery in an ultrasonic cleanser or with steam.

gold plated jewellery from carré. There's a necklace with green chrysoprase, a basic chunky bracelet and a pearl necklace with freshwater pearls


Chrysoprase is the green variant of chalcedony. The green hue occurs when the element nickle is present during the formation of the gemstone. The Chrysoprase is a 6-7 on Mohs' Hardness Scale, and is mainly mined in Australia, USA, Brazil, and Austria.

a cabochon-cut malachite and a raw malachite gemstone on an invisble background


Transformation & wisdom

a facet-cut prasiolite and a raw prasiolite gemstone on an invisble background


Motivation & growth

a facet-cut green agate and a raw green agate gemstone on an invisble background


Harmony & concentration

a facet-cut peridot and a raw peridot gemstone on an invisble background


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