a facet-cut blue topaz and a raw blue topaz gemstone on a beige background


a facet-cut blue topaz

Love & communication

Topaz is a transparent gemstone with an exquisite luster and depth. Topaz comes in many enchanting colors such as blue, purple, green, yellow, brown and white. Its popular shades of blue have been nicknamed London Blue and Sky Blue.

Gold plated charms for hoops with blue topaz gemstones


Blue Topaz is November's birthstone, alongside the Citrine, and are also the birthstones for the zodiacs Scorpio & Sagittarius. Each month has its own unique gemstone to represent it. Carrying your birthstone is said to bring good luck. You can carry your birthstone as a good luck amulet, or your loved ones’ birthstone as a symbol of love.

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Woman wearing gold plated jewellery from carré with freshwater pearls and blue topaz


Topaz is the gemstone for communication, truth, attraction, and love. Topaz is a good gemstone for all types of relationships since it’s said to improve communication and openness. Topaz is also a gemstone for relaxation and mindfulness, making it a perfect gemstone for meditation or quiet reflection.

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Gold plated earrings from carré set with a large blue topaz gemstone


The blue variant of Topaz is also known as the gemstone of clarity. The gemstone lets you channel your inner wisdom and helps you on the path to successful opportunities. Blue Topaz is also an empathetic gemstone which heals, calms, and recharges its wearer. Due to its communicative properties, the Blue Topaz is a preferred gemstone when
working with building bridges between two people.

The Blue Topaz unlocks the throat chakra and brings strength and confidence in the beauty of your own voice – perfect for individuals who enjoy singing.

woman with gold plated large hoops with blue stones from carré. The blue gemstones are blue topaz


The Blue Topaz is a relatively hard gemstone and is
very durable in your jewellery. The Blue Topaz is generally stable in sunlight but avoid storing your Blue Topaz jewellery in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, as this may cause the stone’s colour to fade or become yellow,
reddish, or brown.

When cleaning your Blue Topaz jewellery, avoid ultrasonic cleaning and steam, but instead use warm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth or brush to carefully remove dirt and smudges.

Gold plated necklace pendant with a freshwater pearl and blue topaz gemstone from carré on a figaro chain


The Topaz can be found in a large variety of colours and has thus often been confused with other gemstones. Topaz is named after the island Topazios – now known as Zabargad. This island is a great source for extracting the gemstone, Peridot, but when the island was named, it was allegedly thought that the gemstones were Topazes. In the Portuguese crown jewels, a large Topaz, which was thought to be a Diamond, can also be found.

woman with gold plated rings with gemstones from carré. The blue gemstones are blue topaz and the yellow one is a citrine gemstone


A Roman legend says that if you put a topaz in your food or drink, it would change colour if it was poisoned. In ancient Egypt it was believed that Topaz would protect the wearer, while in India it was believed that if Topaz was worn over the heart, it would ensure the wearer a long life.

sterling silver ear studs from carré with large blue stones. The blue stones are blue topaz gemstones


Topaz is a transparent gemstone, consisting of the elements, aluminium, fluoride, silicate and oxygen. Topaz can be found in a variety of colours, determined by which elements affect the Topaz under its creation. When measuring a gemstone’s hardness. Moh’s Hardness Scale is used. The scale goes from 1-10, where 10 is the hardest – here, you can find the Diamond, which is the hardest gemstone. Topaz is an 8 on Moh’s Hardness Scale. Topaz is most often extracted in Brazil, Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico and Russia.

a facet-cut tourmaline and a raw tourmaline gemstone on an invisble background


Tolerance & compassion

a cabochon-cut turqouise and a raw turqouise gemstone on a beige background


Friendship, positivity & love

a facet-cut sapphire and a raw blue sapphire gemstone on an invisble background


Love, loyalty & wisdom

a facet-cut citrine and a raw citrine gemstone on an invisble background


Success & self-esteem