A cabochon-cut black agate and a raw black agate gemstone on a beige background


a facet-cut black agate gemstone

Grounding & protection

Agate is named after the Achates river in Sicily, which is now known as the Dirillo River. Agate can be found in numerous colours, and often feature incredible bands and patterns running through the stone. Black Agate is often mistaken for Black Onyx, but is easily recognised by the white and grey bands running through the stone, as well as its waxy outer when unpolished. 

a young man with a large freshwater pearl pendant and a pendant with a black agate gemstone as well as a long pearl earring


The Black Agate symbolises groundedness, calmness, concentration, and protection. The black agate is said to be a calming gemstone, helping you to relieve yourself from worries and improve concentration.

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Three floral shaped earrings with black agate stones and green agate from carré in a beige jewellery box.


 Black Agate is said to have a powerful effect to help keep you grounded – even through stressful situations. Some also say that it contains protective powers, which makes it a great gemstone to wear in your everyday life.


Black Agate is connected to the root-chakra, which is the first chakra in our system and our connection to the earth. This chakra is connected to grounding, sense of security, and stability. Wear Black Agate when you need to ground yourself and standing your ground.

a young man with a flower and a gold plated ring from carré with a black agate gemstone


To best take care of your jewellery with Black Agate, keep the stone away from direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, since this may cause the colour to fade. Also avoid heat around Agates, as this also may fade the colour or cause cracks in the stone.

Clean your Black Agate jewellery in warm water with a
mild soap, and brush with a soft brush.

Woman with black agate jewellery from carré. She wears a necklace with a big Blackberry floral shaped pendant with black agate and flower earrings with green and black agate


The agate has long been a beloved gemstone - during the European renaissance, it was popular among royals to collect bowls cut from agate. Ancient Greeks called the black agate for the ‘warriors stone’, and belived it had protective powers. Persian magicians donned black agate rings, as they believed it could make them more powerful magicians. Other cultures believed that agate could cure scorpion stings and snake bites. 

A young man laying in the sun wearing flower shaped earrings with black and green gemstones and a black agate necklace


The black agate has always been mythically connected to nature. Ancient writings from Europe say that black agate was once tied to the necks or horns of animals to ensure more and better crops. 

In ancient China, the agate was considered an especially lucky gemstone. In Chinese, the agate is called “Ma Nao”, which means “Horse brain” since it was believed that the agate came from a fossilised horse brain.

Young woman leaning against a wall wearing black agate jewellery from carré


Agate consists of varying layers of chalcedon, which appear as bands of different colours. Chalcedon is created by microscopic quartz crystals, which makes the agate a part of the quartz family. Thin slices of agate can make some layers appear transparent, but other cuts generally make the stone appear opaque. Agate is found in varying colours, which is decided by elements such as mangan and iron oxide in the gemstone. Agate is categorised as a 7 out of 10 on Mohs’ hardness scale, making it a fairly hard gemstone. 

a facet-cut amethyst and a raw amethyst gemstone on an invisble background


Courage & spirituality

a cabochon-cut malachite and a raw malachite gemstone on an invisble background


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a facet-cut red garnet and a raw red garnet gemstone on an invisble background


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a facet-cut green agate and a raw green agate gemstone on an invisble background


Harmony & protection