In many ways, the playful combination of colourful gemstones shares the artist’s expression of colour, composition, and sentiment. Celebrating this connection, Carré Jewellery has commissioned a hand-decorated sculpture piece by the talented artist Marie Rud Rosenzweig. 30 unique and numbered pieces are on show in our stores and available for purchase.

Marie Rud Rosenzweig graduated from the Funen Art Academy in 2022 and previously studied at the Universität der Künste in Berlin and Düsseldorf Art Academy. Marie works with painting, installation, and text – Marie is current with her new exhibition Kipple at GL STRAND in Copenhagen.

As the niece of the CEO and founder of Carré Jewellery, Shiri Rosenzweig, Marie has contributed to the visual identity of Carré for many years. Her artistic work for Carré includes painting the flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen and creating 20 unique collages that decorate our gift boxes and gift bags as well as our store walls.

Shiri and Marie find common ground – not only through their close family relations – but also in their shared passion for colour and composition. The sculptures are cast by Peter Funder at Brdr. Funder. A state-of-the-art casting workshop, working with Danish and international artists as well as major restoration projects in Denmark and abroad. Brdr. Funders historical workshop is still situated in the heart of Copenhagen.