The aventurine is a unique gemstone gifted with gorgeous tones of green. Regardless of its cut, the reflective quality of its speckles ensures the gemstone sparkle every time it meets the light. The gemstone was given its name when a Venetian glassmaker accidentally made a beautiful piece of glass resembling this shimmering effect of the gemstone.  "A Ventura" means "by chance" in Italian. Read on to learn more about the stunning aventurine!



The symbolic qualities of the aventurine are said to include decisiveness, opportunities, wealth and luck. The beautiful aventurine is a gemstone of leadership and confidence. Wear it when you want to seize new opportunities. Aventurine is a reputation for being a lucky gemstone linked with wealth.



According to folklore, the aventurine was considered a lucky gemstone. Carrying an aventurine in the left pocket was said to bring luck, especially when purchasing a lottery ticket. 



The aventurine is, amongst other places, found in Brazil, India, Russia, the USA, Japan, Tanzania and Greenland. Aventurine belongs to the quartz family. Like most quartz gemstones, aventurine ranks at 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It ranges in green colours of medium to dark, caused by inclusions of fuchsite mica within the gemstone. The aventurine displays a shimmering effect, which has been named aventurescence after the gemstone itself.