The carnelian is named after the cornel cherry as it displays the same lovely orange-red colour. This gemstone is linked with confidence and determination, and a gorgeous piece of jewellery set with a large carnelian will make an empowering statement. Read on to learn more about the stunning carnelian!



The qualities of the carnelian are said to include warmth, willpower, individuality and self-esteem. Wear the carnelian when you are searching for motivation and vitality. Carnelian is said to inspire good decisions and give you courage. 



In ancient Rome, the carnelian was typically set in signet rings used for sealing letters. The carnelian was ideal for this, as the warm wax can not stick to the gemstone.



In ancient Egypt, the carnelian was used for decorating mummified bodies. The ancient Egyptians believed that the carnelian would help the dead on their passage to the afterlife. Legends have also associated the gemstone with blood due to its blood-red colour, and it was said to stop bleeding and purify the blood.



Carnelian can, amongst other countries, be found in Brazil, Uruguay and India. Carnelian belongs to the quartz family. Its colour ranges in shades of orange and red, determined by the presence of the amount of iron during its formation. Some carnelians also display beautiful bands of varying colours. Carnelian ranks at 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.