The topaz is a hard, transparent gemstone. It has profound shine and depth. Topaz can display many colours but is often seen in shades of blue, yellow, orange or white. Read on to learn more about the wonderful topaz!

Topaz is the birthstone of November, accompanied by the golden citrine. Topaz jewellery is the perfect gift for someone born in November can be worn to represent someone born this month. Wearing your birthstone is said to bring good luck.


A selection of gemstones are tied to wedding anniversaries. The aquamarine is traditionally gifted on the 4th and 23rd wedding anniversary.


The spiritual qualities of the topaz are said to include communication, love, attraction, truth and relaxation. Wear the topaz to encourage openness and honesty in your relationships. The topaz is considered a soothing gemstone. 

Topaz has been highly loved through time. However, its broad colour span has caused it to be mistaken for various other gemstones. Topaz allegedly has its name from the island of Zabargad, which was once known as Topazios. However, Zabargad is a deposit of peridot, which implies that the topaz was actually mistaken for the peridot. It was even mistaken for a diamond in the Portuguese crown jewels.

Folklore suggests the topaz to have supernatural powers. In ancient Rome, the topaz was said to warn against poisoned foods by changing its colour. In ancient Egypt, the topaz was worn as an amulet, thought to protect its wearer. In India, it was believed that a topaz placed above the heart could ensure a long life.


Topaz can, amongst other countries, be found in Brazil, Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico and Russia. Topaz is composed of aluminium, fluorine, silicate and oxygen. The topaz is a transparent gemstone and can display numerous colours, which are determined by the presence of other elements during its formation. Topaz ranks at 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a durable gemstone.